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Additional Homeowners Insurance Coverages

Additional Living Expenses and Rental Value

When a disaster forces you to live somewhere else while your home is repaired or rebuilt, this coverage pays for your additional living expenses. It also pays for lost income from any area of your home that you regularly rent.

Personal and Legal Liability

If someone is accidentally injured or dies on or off your property, and it is caused by you, a family member or pet, this coverage pays claims against you for legal responsibility. (Does not include auto or business liability.)

Medical Payments

Your policy will cover actual medical expenses for accidental injury to others (except your household residents) caused by you, family members or your pets -- on your premises or elsewhere -- regardless of legal liability.

Protection from Household Accidents

You are also covered for:

  • Damage to interior walls caused by rain and snow
  • Scorched countertops, floors, and carpets
  • Ink stains or paint spills on floors, walls, and carpets

Full Replacement Cost of Your Dwelling

Offered in most states for one dollar, this feature provides the extra coverage you may need to pay the actual cost to replace your home, regardless of its original cost or your policy limits. In some states, this feature costs an additional $5.

Full Replacement Cost of Contents

Pays to replace your damaged or stolen household contents at today's retail prices, regardless of their original cost (up to your policy limits).

Extended Personal Property Coverage

To increase your protection and save you money, we've combined - into one package -- coverage for jewelry, watches, furs, silverware, credit cards and more -- at a fraction of the cost of separate coverages. Special extensions of coverage also expands personal liability protection to lawsuits for libel, slander, wrongful entry, and more.

Valuable Items, Watercraft, and Trailers

Special limits are available to cover financial loss of property, such as boats and trailers, jewelry, watches, silver and goldware, furs and guns.

Flood Damage

Although flood damage is not included in any standard homeowners policy, your insurance agent can offer you special flood insurance through one of our highly rated companies.